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    33. POST - Glaciers and mass movements from the LGM until today in the Austrian Eastern Alps

    M.G. Bichler (Geol. Survey Austria), J.M. Reitner (Geol. Survey Austria) 5 days, 800 €, Rome – Salzburg – Tyrol – Rome

     Our fieldtrip will guide the participants from the still glaciated highest region in Austria (Großglockner) to overdeepened inner alpine valleys in the provinces of Salzburg and Tyrol. During the trip we will show how sedimentary successions of glacial, periglacial and gravitational deposits in combination with dating techniques as 14C, SED and OSL lead to a model of landscape evolution driven by glaciers and mass movements for this inner alpine part of the Eastern Alps during the Pre-LGM, the LGM, the Lateglacial and the Holocene. At Großglockner recent glaciology and Holocene glacier fluctuations will be discussed. Further on we will visit crucial sights for understanding the dynamic lateglacial history of glacial stands and re-advances (phase of ice-decay, Oldest-Dryas, Younger-Dryas). After that we will move on to the basin of Hopfgarten and Kitzbühel (Tyrol) and show how the morphology and sedimentology of the region reveals the dynamics of a complex ice-stream network before, during and after the LGM. The trip will end in the head of the Rauris Valley, where a well-preserved succession of glacial and gravitational lateglacial deposits can be studied.

    SACCOM Stratigraphy and Chronology TERPRO Terrestrial Processes, Deposits  and History  

    Requires trekking equipment Spectacular landscape Naturalistic aspects

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