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    17. PRE - Vesuvio and Roccamonfina: humans and volcanoes

    M. Di Vito (INGV), M. Palombo (IGAG-CNR), A. Panarello (Univ. Cassino). I. Biddittu (IsIPU), A. Tomeo (Sopr. CE), G. Farinaro, P. Mietto (Univ. Padova) 2 days, 300 €, Rome – Roccamonfina – Vesuvius – Rome

    The fieldtrip will depart from Rome and will return to Rome by bus, overnight stay in B&B at Roccamonfina.

    First day: from Rome to Roccamonfina. General view of the volcano and its landscape, environment. The famous ichnosite of Ciampate del Diavolo/devil's tracks, holding evidence of human and animal presence on the volcano slopes at about 350,000 years ago, during a period of intense activity of the volcano, will be visited.

    Second day: from Roccamonfina to Vesuvius. General view of the volcano. Visit of the Vesuvius National park, of the oldest volcanologic observatory of the World, now a Museum, and two archeologic sites affected by Vesuvius Plinian eruptions (Villa Regina at Boscoreale and Nola-Cimitile).

    End of the fieldtrip and return to Rome.


    HABCOM Humans and Biosphere TERPRO Terrestrial Processes, Deposits  and History

    Requires trekking equipment Spectacular landscape Cultural heritage 

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